Transcribed notes from Copenhagen, on Slow Learner - 21–26 June 2007

Real control slowly, but surely appears on the 4th day of work. The line looks after itself, so I can move freely. With grace.

21/6/07 - (2 QUADS KEPT) 

Just moving the body through the plate. With attention. Locating the centre, or trying to.

22/6/07 - (4 IMAGES KEPT)

Watching the proofing, and learning from it.

I. Line up the plate

II. Steady pressure

III. Fluid movement over/through the plate

I tried to emulate these proofing principles, and then integrate them into my ‘method’. (I have a ‘method,’ but no plan!)


24/6/07 - (6 IMAGES KEPT)

So now I can move around my plate with a method, but no plan. 8 images (later edited to 6)

Fluid movement, gaining control of the process.

25/6/07 - (14 IMAGES KEPT)

8 + 6 images. Real control now. Slow Learner (for the first time in print, the 4-part vertical form, and 8-part NEW FORM).

26/6/07 - (6 IMAGES KEPT)

6 Winners. Good, steady line. Clean. On a clear day: 27–32 SLOW LEARNER.