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2017 - Karshan - Studio View.jpg

Linda Karshan - Studio View: a book in three parts, 2017

Part I: Turning Pattern into Being. Text by Matthias Bärman, interview with Karshan and Ishmael Annobil

Part II: Studio Jottings 2004 - 2017

Part III: Inscribed Matter to Matter. Text by Elizabeth Tomos.

Designed by Andrew Lindesay.

Edition of 500

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Lines and Movement

Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2013

Exhibition Catalogue

2004 - Karshan - Constellations and Chance.jpg

Constellations and Chance

Redfern Gallery, London, 2004

Exhibition Catalogue.

2002 - Karshan - Soane.jpg

Linda Karshan at the Soane, 2002

Prints and drawings 1997-2002

Exhibition catalogue. 


1998 - Karshan - The Line Took Me for a Walk.jpg

The Line Took me for a Walk, 1998

Redfern Gallery, National Theatre Bucharest, Galerie Biedermann 

Texts by David Cohen and Magda Carneci


2015 Karshan - Soundings.jpg

Soundings: Linda Karshan, Candida Richardson

Satellite Berlin, 2015

Exhibition catalogue.





2010 - Karshan - Movements and their Images .jpg

Movements and their Images, 1992 -2010

Redfern Gallery, London, 2010

Exhibition Catalogue.

2003 - Karshan - August Form.jpg

August Form, 2002

Werner Klein Gallery, Cologne, 2003

Exhibition Catalogue, text by Matthais Bärmann

2001 - Karshan - Measure without Measure.jpg

Measure Without Measure

The Art of Linda Karshan, 2001

by Marilyn McCully, additional Texts by Matthias Bärmann, Published by British Museum

1995 - Karshan - Drawings.jpg

Linda Karshan: Drawings, 1995

Galerie Biedermann, Montgomery-Glasoe Fine Art, Redfern Gallery Catalogue

Text by Lutz Becker

2014 - Signs of Men - Karshan - Redfern.jpg

Signs of Men

Redfern Gallery, London, 2014

Exhibition catalogue.




Karshan - Two Clear Days - 2007.jpg

Two Clear Days

Redfern Gallery, London, 2007

Exhibition Catalogue.


2002 - Valencia - Karshan.jpg

Linda Karshan

Institut Valencià d'Art Modern (IVAM), 2002

Exhibition Catalogue

2000 - Karshan - Time being.jpg

Le temps, lui - Time being, 2000

Text by Anca Vasiliu, Edition of 200. Text in French and English.

1993 Montgomery Glasoe.jpg

Linda Karshan Works on Paper

Montgomery-Glasoe, Minneapolis, MN, 1993

Exhibition Catalogue