Past Exhibitions

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LINDA KARSHAN: Kaltnadelradierungen und Farbholzschnitte 2016

Galerie Biedermann, Munich, Germany

February 20, 2018 – April 27, 2018



Linda Karshan - Studio View:

Prints and Drawings, 1983 - 2017

Redfern Gallery, London

October 3 - 17, 2017

A three-part book, Studio View, has been published by the artist to mark her 70th birthday. 

New texts by Matthias Bärmann and Elizabeth Tomos have been written to mark the occasion, while Helen Higgins has introduced the jottings in Part II. 

Linda Karshan,  Happy Drawing , Graphite on paper, 2015

Linda Karshan, Happy Drawing, Graphite on paper, 2015

Celestial Mechanics:

Tessa Jaray, Linda Karshan, Jeanne Masoero

Group show at Megan Piper gallery, London

October 3 -  27, 2017

"Linda Karshan creates work saturated with intuitive energy. Karshan’s performative method of working began in 1994. Her methodical, yet visceral, monochromatic drawings are an example of Karshan listening to her ‘inner choreography’. Like each artist in this exhibition, Karshan’s configuration of intersecting lines, grids and repetitive marks, take inspiration from Plato’s theory that our universe is one of numerical order. Every mark is a direct reaction to her rhythmic breathing and counter-clockwise turning of the paper, resulting in abstract footage of the ritualistic way her body experiences time and space."



Silas von Morisse / Art 3 Gallery, Brooklyn

September 13 - October 29, 2017

With Artist Talk: GLENN KURTZ in conversation with Linda Karshan and Frauke Schlitz, SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 4 - 5 PM

Installation image ©Nana Ya Annobil, All rights reserved.

Installation image ©Nana Ya Annobil, All rights reserved.

Linda Karshan at the Reform : Marks & Traces

Reform Club Exhibition, London, January 2017

Special exhibition of Karshan's work at the Reform Club, London

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Linda Karshan - Intensity - Drawings & Prints

Werner Klein Gallery, Cologne

November 12 - December 10, 2016


Signs of Men

Art 3/Silas von Morisse Gallery, Brooklyn

March 4 - April 5, 2015

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Sunday, March 29, 4-5 PM: A conversation with Linda Karshan and Dr. Mark McDonald, Curator of Prints, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


Installation from the 2015  Signs of Men  exhibition at the Redfern Gallery. 

Installation from the 2015 Signs of Men exhibition at the Redfern Gallery. 

Signs of Men

Redfern Gallery, London

January 9 - 29, 2015

A exhibition of drawings from the last two decades, and  a new edition of prints by Karshan, Footfalls: a series of twenty-seven etchings in an edition of ten copies.

According to Vitruvius, and to Cicero, too, the fourth-century Greek philosopher, Aristippus, found himself ‘shipwrecked and cast on the Rhodian shore.' He despaired.

He then happened to notice some geometrical figures scratched  into the sand–triangles, perhaps, or circles, or lines suspended from points. He said to his companions, ‘We can hope for the best, for I see signs of men.' (Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. De Architectura. Book VI circa 15 BC)